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The Physical Side Of Security That Is Often Forgotten “USB Ports”

The last few years network security has been an big factor for enterprises, that have technology in there company that connects to an network. But what is often forgotten in this world is physical protection ageist attacks. The last few years have seen the creation of tools like the USB Rubber Ducky, that is able to provide information or inject code into an target computer in an matter of seconds. In the last few years I lost count the number of enterprises that have computer or laptops sitting untended, where the anyone could simply work in, inject there payload and leave before anyone was aware that anyone was anywhere near that target devices.┬áSomething to think about, Yes one could look down the USB ports, and server monitor ports, but easily that can be spoofed. So what can be done, to stop an attack access to an USB port, for one don’t leave PC or Laptops in places where there not attended at all time, make sure there is an pare of eyes on them at all times. So what if you don’t have that option well, simple answer is get an hot glue gun and put glue in all the ports. Extreme yes, but effective.