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Solutions To The Hard Open Sources Questions

So, I thought I would share my thoughts today about the issues, In people when you talk open sources and why it is important.

The question I most often get asked is “Where is the money to be made in open sources software?”

I do think that this is one of the most complicated of all the answers to give, because yes there are some projects that don’t make any money, but then there are some like Red Hat Linux that make lots of money. The money is to be made in us the user supporting software and using it in places that otherwise would have picked an proprietary solution. I think the hardest thing, that we face in that the person you might run into in the street just wants their software to run and for them not to think about it, No I don’t think we will get these people to be running Linux Or BSD on their own systems at home, but systems that the interact with outside we can make run open sources. A good example of this is POS systems (Point of Sales systems) the cash register in your local super market. Most POS systems that are currently running Microsoft Windows XP, now if you have not followed the cases in the USA of what happened to Target here will be a (link). Now I don’t think you will stop security breaches by using a open source, but with people that uses the software and that deploy the software just being able to review the code its going to make for a better system. That is where we will change the world.

The other question that follows “Where is the money to be made in open sources software?” is normally “Where is the support?”

The support comes from people in the community, now this is where I think that the open sources software needs to pick their shit up… Because I am sorry guys and girls, we are a grumpy bunch or elitist, and that is the buggiest thing that holding us back, frankly we need to pick up our shit. Good example I can sight is there was a operation systems I had a few questions for the devs and I was meet with a head dev telling me “Fuck Off! Go and read the wiki if you find a bug submit a patch!” Now I get it, lots of us don’t get paid for the work we do, but at some point we where new, and that is what I think we forget. And that is one thing that proprietary software has, they have to be nice because at the end of the day they are getting your money. I think this is something we really need people step-up and say to these people they are being assholes.

The finally question is “What is to stop people, adding code to spy on you?”
Nothing, but the community. Because lots of people are looking at the code, it will stop people from being able to add bad code, that does not always happen but it is less in open sources world unlike proprietary software, because who knows what they have added.


Community Hub Post – 1

As those of you who have read my about page will see that I am currently living in Mexico.  The clash of poor and the rich is seen on an daily bases. It got me thinking of an idea to give internet to poor communities all around the world. My idea was to make an wireless access point that an whole community could access.

Internet is cheap but most simple poor house holds can’t afford access for just the single house hold, so if an community could spread out the cost of the connection cost an whole community could have access to the internet. But wait I here you as, how will an whole community have access to the internet. Simply put, I am planning to make an distribution box that plugs into the existing modern/router, much like one would plug an wireless router to an network connection to extend wireless access. But with my small box I don’t wish to just extend the wireless but offer services that will be there to serve the community.

Today I wrote down some core things I want to achieve with the Community Hub.

Web caching, ability to add storage, runs open sources software, has the ability to share information through protocols such as smb or sftp, the ability to white list ip-address, solar powered with an battery backup, weatherproof and finally made from recycled products.

This is the second day that I have had this idea so I am still fleshing things out and doing some basic research.

Anyway first post on the new blog and lets hope I can keep this up.