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Long Time No Blog

So, Hmm yeah I haven’t had to will to write any blogs, life has had it’s ups and downs. But I am back and I will try to publish something every week. Well here is hopping that I can achieve that.


Life blog – Happy Birthday To Me!

So I haven’t had much time to post at the moment, life has been an little busy and sad, but I will not bore you with with that. But I will bore you with this. I am now 26 years old. If you asked me when I was 13, “Will you make it to your 18 birthday?” I would have told you that I wouldn’t make it because by then time I turn 18, I will have killed myself, but I am 4 years away from 30 now. The last few years for me are hell, people have come in and out of my life I have lost people I have loved, but I have come so fare. I owe Erin for getting me through the hard times the last few years, she has gone above and beyond in looking after me and keeping me standing. So thank you Erin, Te Amo Mucho!

This last week gone, I have been playing with the RTL-SDR an lot, only problem is that there is lots of noise in Mexico and it is hard to find clear singles. I am planning to write up an blog post about amateur radio in Mexico, I am just waiting for a bit more stuff to show up for the SDR.

What else, is on the go!  Along with the Ham It Up that is on it’s way to me I also have two Arduino, one for myself and one for my lovely Erin.

The community hub, is still being planned, I just have had no money to buy the Raspberry Pi, right now I am at the stage of think about then antenna, I want something that is long range but doesn’t cost an arm and an leg.

Well that is me done for tonight, I will try to write something over the week.