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Community VS Individual

So today I thought that I would write a post about an topic that has been in my mind for a long time, there is no easy way to explain it in a single sentence. So I am just going put text to screen and type, and just see where it goes.

As a kid I remember this one class that I had to take “Community Studies” and I remember reading in the text book we had, that community are like gears on a cog, but wait I thought if one part of the cog breaks the whole cog stop function. But if we apply this to life, it never seems to work, but why? Well simply put people don’t care and government are never willing to help the individual become a function member again of there community,

So where, am I going with this. Well as you the reader sit around think about all people in your community, that seem to have fell through the cracks, but maybe if we help them and government offer services that help the individual and not using a services fits maybe 10% of people. But to help individual cost too much is what most say, but I really do disagree with that, think about if everyone had the same access to the same services, rich or poor, how much richer society, but sadly that is a cynical  the rich need the poor to stay poor, because if we didn’t have poor there would be no need to rich.

So how would we pay for this task

Well simply put we would all have to learn how to share…. And there is the problem, humans don’t like to share.

Or we can help other out, if someone is picking through trash to find a meal, why not buy them some small goods, it could mean the world to an single person just to have something that is not another trash.

The government or the rich are not going to be the one’s that help us, we are by acting as an community that helps the individual. And by being able to see that yes that community is important but it is individuals that make are our community and if we start helping all members we can make an better community.

So final words, if you see someone that needs help, stick out your hand as it might be the only friendly hand that person has seen. And by sowing the seeds of kindness we can start to change this world hopefully for the better.

Edit: These rules also apples not just for humans but also are animal friends, as they also need our help.