Tor Anonymity, Maybe Not.

This week I read an article from The Guardian website from an member from the Austrian Green’s party member Scott Ludlam. In this article he was giving tips on how to hide metadata from government.

All his tips where grate apart from one “Download programs such as Tor that promise anonymity.”

Firstly in know way does Tor provided any forum of anonymity. Tor realize on trust principal, where your connection exits is not controlled by an government our an authority that might not be trust worthy.  You also need to remember that we have know for an few years not that the NSA have cracked the protocol.

So is your metadata safe from government eyes, Yes and no. We don’t know how many exit nods are controlled by government bodies, I am sure the smarter among us could work that out.


Listening to 1.25-Meter Band in Mexico 136–174 MHz

Anyone that knows me, is aware that have been always interested in amateur radio, in the last few years I have really gotten into the hobby. Sadly still missing my radio licenses.

The equipment I use to listen to listen 1.25– Meter Band; While at home at home I use my RTL-SDR with an larger antenna,

Antenna specs; Gain: 2.15 dBi, Max Power is 10W, Impedances: 50 OHM the total length of the antenna is 40CM.

While I am out and about I use an Baogfeng UV-5R with an an Nagoya NA-771 antenna.

Both Antenna give me an really good range and on an good day, I have heard stuff as fare away as 50 – 70 Kilometers, but keep in mind, that is sitting on the roof and the house that I live in is quite tail. 

So what is out there in the 1.25 – Meter Band in Mexico, Lots and lots of taxies they can be found all over the band. But that is not the only thing that can be found. But where it gets really interesting  is 150 – 160 MhZ, for you see, well Mexico police and well any first emergency responder that deals with crime uses 150 – 160 MhZ. Sadly though one can’t always work out what they are saying as they have there own version of the 10 code system that united states uses, sadly on much research I haven’t been able to turn up an code book or anything that decodes the messages.  And that is the first part of the 1.25 – Metter band in Mexico, you don’t really find an lot.

You do find the some strange things every now and again, I am not sure if they are from Mexico or they are low orbit starlight’s that people haven’t documented.

Life blog – Happy Birthday To Me!

So I haven’t had much time to post at the moment, life has been an little busy and sad, but I will not bore you with with that. But I will bore you with this. I am now 26 years old. If you asked me when I was 13, “Will you make it to your 18 birthday?” I would have told you that I wouldn’t make it because by then time I turn 18, I will have killed myself, but I am 4 years away from 30 now. The last few years for me are hell, people have come in and out of my life I have lost people I have loved, but I have come so fare. I owe Erin for getting me through the hard times the last few years, she has gone above and beyond in looking after me and keeping me standing. So thank you Erin, Te Amo Mucho!

This last week gone, I have been playing with the RTL-SDR an lot, only problem is that there is lots of noise in Mexico and it is hard to find clear singles. I am planning to write up an blog post about amateur radio in Mexico, I am just waiting for a bit more stuff to show up for the SDR.

What else, is on the go!  Along with the Ham It Up that is on it’s way to me I also have two Arduino, one for myself and one for my lovely Erin.

The community hub, is still being planned, I just have had no money to buy the Raspberry Pi, right now I am at the stage of think about then antenna, I want something that is long range but doesn’t cost an arm and an leg.

Well that is me done for tonight, I will try to write something over the week.


Community Hub Post – 1

As those of you who have read my about page will see that I am currently living in Mexico.  The clash of poor and the rich is seen on an daily bases. It got me thinking of an idea to give internet to poor communities all around the world. My idea was to make an wireless access point that an whole community could access.

Internet is cheap but most simple poor house holds can’t afford access for just the single house hold, so if an community could spread out the cost of the connection cost an whole community could have access to the internet. But wait I here you as, how will an whole community have access to the internet. Simply put, I am planning to make an distribution box that plugs into the existing modern/router, much like one would plug an wireless router to an network connection to extend wireless access. But with my small box I don’t wish to just extend the wireless but offer services that will be there to serve the community.

Today I wrote down some core things I want to achieve with the Community Hub.

Web caching, ability to add storage, runs open sources software, has the ability to share information through protocols such as smb or sftp, the ability to white list ip-address, solar powered with an battery backup, weatherproof and finally made from recycled products.

This is the second day that I have had this idea so I am still fleshing things out and doing some basic research.

Anyway first post on the new blog and lets hope I can keep this up.