Linux Mint 17.2 – Has got it all alright, Good bye Windows

So these past weeks, we all know Windows 10 came out, unless you are living under a rock of causes. After dual booting for many years and using Linux as my main desktop and for anything that really doesn’t run well under Wine or PC Gaming I have used Windows 7. So this week I decided to download the newsiest version of Linux Mint and to say I am happy with Linux Mint is a understatement. I have used Linux Mint in the past but, I feel that 17.2 has nailed it. This is the first time I have installed a fresh with little to no configuration, in the past with most mainstream Linux distribution I have had to spend hours tweaking out my graphics drive, anyone that runs a laptop hybrid graphics and is a Linux user knows, it can be really painful to get working just right. This time I installed the Nvidia 3.31 and had access to both graphics cards with no configuration. In the past, I have had to tweak parts of the Nvidia 3.31 driver to get it running. And when I say running it was not very stable.

I have been using Linux Mint now for one week and in the whole week, And this whole week, the only thing I needed to switch into Windows for was using Microsoft Access 2007. I am currently trying to switch over to Kexi for my rapid database application development.

This has been a long time coming for me. I have been using Linux now ten years, but this is the first time I have felt the time was right to completely leave Windows behind. With all the information that has been leaked these past years, It has made me question the trust I once had for Microsoft, and with the information that I have read over the past forty-eight hours just on the privacy settings that you need to find threaten screens. Call me crazy but, my spidey senses is tingling, Why I hear you say, I am finding it really odd that Microsoft are just giving Windows 10 away for the first year, something smells, or I just could be reading into this, but with the NSA and the spying and with Microsoft being sighted in documents, Microsoft willingness to help the NSA. Or Maybe I am Just High.And the other key factor, sources code… After the last few years, I have wanted to know what my software is doing on my system, and Microsoft don’t offer sources code to review so unless decompile Microsoft code there is no way to know what is going on in the background. And plus decompile is proprietary code, does have legal issues.

So why am I so, as the days and months drag on, I will see if this was the right choose.

But as you have seen above, I have chosen to switch to Linux more full time as a security measure, but that was not the only reason that I made the switch. The other reason is Microsoft unfriendly to developers that don’t wish to live in the Microsoft Visual Studies, and for someone like myself that using languages like python more and more, I find Windows has lots of stability issues, this could be down the the version of python for Windows. Personally I find that with Linux, I am not stuck with the programs with buggy code, it simply doesn’t through unknown errors or if it does throw a error it is normally down to my system missing a package, and simply install what is missing and carry on doing what I was doing.


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